Tree Program
In 2011 the City of Lewes adopted a Tree Canopy Resolution to increase the cities forest canopy to 35%.  In February 2014, the City of Lewes hired the Bartlett Inventory Solution (BIS) Team from Bartlett Trees Experts to conduct an inventory of street and park trees for the City. They identified 781 trees or groupings of trees that included 76 species. They also identified 262 planting opportunities throughout the city. The attributes that were collected included tree latitude and longitude, size, age and condition class, and a visual assessment of tree structure, health and vigor.
The City of Lewes manages this inventory through BIS’ ArborScope Landscape Management Application tool, which indicates when trees have been maintained, removed or planted.

Click ArborScope to access the tree inventory by using the available satellite map views and indicated filter options, which will change periodically based on more inventory information.