Emergency Preparation
MITIGATION - What is it you may ask...
The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Mitigation Division defines mitigation as "the cornerstone of emergency management. It's the ongoing effort to lessen the impact disasters have on people's lives and property through damage prevention and flood insurance. Through measures such as, building safely within the floodplain or removing homes altogether; engineering buildings and infrastructures to withstand earthquakes: and creating and enforcing effective building codes to protect property from floods, hurricanes and other natural hazards.

Mitigation creates safer communities by reducing losses of life and property; and enables individuals and communities to recover more rapidly from disasters. Mitiagtion also lessens the financial impact of disasters on individuals and the U.S. Treasury, as well as state and local communities.
The Lewes Mitigation Planning Team was appointed by former Mayor George H.P. Smith and City Council on March 18, 2002 in order to establish an ongoing mitigation program for the City. The purpose of the Team is to carry on the pre-disaster mitigation initiatives that began in 1998 with the City's designation by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a "Project Impact" Community.
Learn more about "Project Impact" and view the projects that were completed with the grant funding made available to the City under the "Project Impact" initiative.

The members of the Mitigation Planning Team work in partnership with Local, State and Federal representatives and agencies to make our community more resistant to disasters by implementing actions to reduce our vulnerability through a variety of projects and initiatives. Current members of the Team include:

- James L. Ford, III, Mayor, City of Lewes.


Chatham Marsch, Lewes Police, Mitigation Coordinator
Charles O'Donnell, Consulting Civil Engineer (GMB)
A. Wallace Evans, Lewes Fire Department, Inc.
Cheryl Littlefield, Beebe Medical Center
Joseph Stormer, Lewes Resident
Wendy Carey, Univresity of Delaware, Member at Large

Victor Letonoff, City Council
Paul Eckrich, City Manager
Darrin Gordon, Board of Public Works
Henry Baynum, Building Official/Code Enforcement
Fred Slater, Street Foreman
Frank Buck, DNREC
The Team typically meets quartery on the second Tuesday at Lewes City Hall beginning at 11:00 a.m. All meetings are open to the public, and the dates and agendas for Team meetings are published in the local newspapers and posted on the City's web site and Bulletin Board (in front of City Hall). Minutes of each meeting are also published (click on "Public Meetings and Minutes" above).