Mission Statement & Core Values

"The responsibility for peace, good order, and the observance of laws rests with the citizens in Lewes as it does in any community of citizens in a democratic society. The role of the Lewes Police Department is to supplement and aid community efforts, not supplant them. Only if the proper balance between the responsibilities of the community and the responsibilities of the police is maintained can a safe and orderly society be preserved with the least burden on individual rights and freedom.

Peace keeping must be a joint police-community effort to stand any chance for lasting success. In this respect, the Lewes Police Department benefits from serving a community which is vitally interested in assuring a high level of safety, security and public order, and which is able to assume the responsibility for policing itself. The fundamental mission of the Lewes Police Department is to provide the leadership and professional support required to sustain and improve the community’s efforts, and to develop a balanced and cooperative police-community campaign against lawless and disorderly behavior.
Our mission is an honorable and necessary contributor to our free society, and must be accomplished under the constraints of existing manpower levels, and inflationary impacts on funding during a period of time when community requests for service and criminal activity are on the increase.
In order to be successful, all members of the Department must continually review their areas of responsibility and use existing resources in a more productive and efficient manner. The planning, crime prevention, and community relations roles must be the responsibilities of every member of the Department.
The prevention and detection of crime and the apprehension of violators of the law, along with the maintenance of order in community, may best be accomplished by proper deployment and operational techniques such as directed patrol strategies. To effectively use these strategies, management must understand and use the various methods of crime analysis and information systems.
Traffic safety must be enhanced through effective selective enforcement, community education, and engineering programs coordinated with City, County State, and Federal agencies. Productivity can be increased by planning and analysis to develop programs directed toward preventing accidents and assuring the free flow of traffic within and through the City."
We the members of the Lewes Police Department believe that our work has a vital impact on the quality of life within our community.