Lewes Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee


Michael Tyler - Chairperson
Larry Sharp
Delema Lott
Sandy Phelan
Jack Welsh

Ex-Officio Members

Victor Letonoff - Councilperson
Sherrie Harmon - Police Department

The committee meets the second Wednesday of everyother month at City Hall at 7:00pm.

The Lewes Bicycle & Pedestrain Committee, appointed by the Mayor & City Council, is working towards meeting the goals of the Lewes Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan adopted and approved by Lewes City Council. They welcome your concerns and suggestions about any bicycling and pedestrian concerns that your believe may need attention.
The City of Lewes is dedicated to making Lewes bicycle and pedestrian friendly. For tips on how you can make Lewes a safe place for walking, riding and driving, please review the City of Lewes Bicycle & Pedestrian Brochure. 

Lewes Bicycle & Pedestrian Comprehensive Plan

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Lewes Bicycle & Pedestrian Brochure

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