Commercial Use of Residential Property Committee


Mayor & City Council formed an Ad-Hoc Committee to look at the growing issue of commercial uses on residential properties. Their first meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 30th at 9:30am in Council Chambers at City Hall. 

The Committee's CHARGE is:

Review the current zoning ordinances regarding commercial uses of property within residentially zoned areas of the city.

Make recommendation to M&CC regarding possible limitations or restrictions of commercial activities with in the residential zoned areas. With specific consideration as to;
  • Frequency and duration of events
  • Size of events
  • Placement of rental equipment (porta potties, generators and tents) on property within these zones
  • Use of outdoor amplification equipment in conjunction with such uses.
    Provide report to M&CC within 90 days.
    MEMBERS of the Committee are:
  • Deputy Mayor Fred Beaufait, Chair
  • Councilperson Dennis Reardon
  • Richard Kirschner
  • James Bastian
  • Winnie Kee

    Ex-Officio members are:
  • Paul Eckrich, City Manager
  • Jeffery Horvath, Chief of Police
  • Henry Baynum, Building Official
  • Glenn Mandalas, City Solicitor
Click here to download 6/30/15 meeting agenda