Weather & Climate is Sussex County- Public Workshop


The City of Lewes Mitigation Planning Team will be hosting a public  workshop on Wednesday August 24, 2016 from 6:30-8:00pm in the Lewes Public Library. The topic of this workshop will be:
Weather & Climate in Sussex County:
An Interesting Past and a Challenging Future
Presented by:
Dr. Daniel Leathers
Professor, Department of Geography, Univ of Delaware
Delaware State Climatologist
Co-Director of the Delaware Environmental Observing System
Topics to be covered include:
Projects developed to increase weather & climate resilience
Delaware's past climate and projections of the future
Sea-level rise in the Mid-Atlantic and coastal flooding
Tropical weather systems affecting the Mid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic coastal storms

Dr. Leathers' major research interests include:
  • Understanding the role of snow cover in the global climate system,
  • Influence of land-surface changes (Natural and human induced) on regional climates,
  • Environmental monitoring and the integration of environmental data sources,
  • Climate of the northeast United States.
    He has previously served the University of Delaware as the Chair of the Department of Geography and as Deputy Dean of the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment.