City Council approves Moratorium in Marine Commercial District


 At the March 24, 2014 meeting, Mayor & City Council approved a Moritorium on applications for a Special Exception in the Marine Commercial District. The Moritorium goes into effect immediately and will expire on November 9, 2014 unless Council votes to extend or discontinue sooner.
The vote from Council was as follows:

ACTION:     Councilperson Beaufait made a motion to enact a 9-month Moratorium on Special Exceptions in the Marine Commercial District starting February 13, 2014 and ending November 9, 2014, seconded by Deputy Mayor Becker.

Councilperson Osler voted in favor for reasons discussed.  She feels they need to take a pause to insure the Marine Commercial District it is zoned correctly.

Councilperson Beaufait voted in favor. He feels there are questions if the Marine Commercial is doing what was intended to do. The special exception has given them the opportunity to circumvent the Marine Commercial. The moratorium will give them the chance to take another look.

Councilperson Reardon voted in favor for reasons stated. It seemed like a good idea at the time but didn’t consider all the ramifications of it. The moratorium will give them the chance to take a good hard look at all the options and make a more qualified decision.

Deputy Mayor Becker voted in favor, reasons stated. It is important that the Planning Commission be include. The Marine Commercial District and the special exception were created by the LPC and their discussion and thoughts need to be included in the process.

Mayor Ford voted in favor for reasons stated. Hopefully discussion can move forward and the moratorium will not need to be extended beyond November 11th. Moratoriums can have their uses, but they can also have their abuses.

All voting in favor, the motion carried on a vote of 5-0.

The signed Ordinance is attached.

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