Smoke Free

Enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air!

The Lewes Mayor and City Council created an ordinance in September 2009 banning smoking in seven City parks and two playgrounds in the corporate city limits. On December 8, 2014, Lewes Mayor and City Council amended the ordinance to include all Lewes public beaches.
Ash stash waste receptacles have been placed at the entrance of each park and beach for individuals to dispose of their cigarettes and cigars before entering, as well as signs posted stating the parks, playgrounds, and beaches are smoke-free environments. We encourage the use of the ash stashes in order to:
  • Reduce the negative impacts of improperly discarded tobacco products whether extinguished or still lighted
  • Reduce Litter
  • Reduce the labor to clean up such debris
  • Reduce toxic leachate that contributes to pollution of the environment
  • Reduce chances of harmful ingestion by aquatic life, mammals, birds and children
  • Reduce the significant threat of fires
  • Reduce the potential for injury from barefoot members of the public stepping on discarded but still lighted butts
  • Reduce "second-hand smoke" (sometimes referred to as "passive" or "involuntary" smoking) which is harmful to human health, posing a variety of health risks, ranging from cancer to emphysema to triggering asthma attacks, noting that the Surgeon General has determined that no amount of second-hand smoke is safe.

Lewes Smoke-Free signage

Therefore the City of Lewes established smoke-free areas within the city where smoking is prohibited. Smoking is defined as the burning of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco.
While voluntary compliance is expected, City code allows for issuance of citations for violations. Thank you for your observance of this law.
Download our Smoke-Free Initiative Brochure for more information and to view the new ordinance.
This smoke free initiative is made possible through the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Tobacco Prevention Community Contract. Funding for the Contract is provided by the Delaware Health Fund and managed by the American Lung Association in Delaware.

Smoke Free Areas

City Parks, Playgrounds, and Recreational Areas
  • George H.P. Smith Park and playground areas
  • 1812 Park
  • Mary Vessels Park
  • Stango Park
  • Zwaanendael Park
  • Canalfront Park
  • Tennis and Basketball Courts
The Beaches and public crossings
  • Lewes Beach 1 (by Dairy Queen)
  • Lewes Beach 2 (across from East of Maui)
  • Roosevelt Inlet (next to Lewes Yacht Club)
  • All public crossings along Bay Ave and all public beach areas between Roosevelt Inlet and Cape Henlopen State Park.