Tree Workshop

We want your feedback! The Lewes Planning Commission Tree subcommittee will be holding an in-person workshop to obtain your feedback on 5 topics.

If you are unable to attend please provide your feedback using the form below.  The subcommittee is looking at topics to increase the tree canopy within the City of Lewes. The focus of the subcommittee is on trees on private property. The City of Lewes has regulations regarding trees on public lands and in the right-of-way (Chapter 177 in the City Code). 

The most recent tree canopy measurement is 34.2%.  The Mayor and City Council adopted a resolution in 2021 to increase the tree canopy to 38% over the next ten years. 

Interactive Exercises

Below is the information and exercise for the 5 topics identified. The headings have information for reference.  Please click on the exercise to participate. We encourage you to complete all five exercises; however, you may focus on as many as you like. 

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Janelle Cornwell at 302-645-7777 ext. 110 or

The exercises will go live on January 19, 2023.  


Potential Tree Recognition Program

Potential Regulation of Trees on Private Property

Potential Tree Construction Program

Potential Tree Planting

Additional Comments

Please submit any additional comments regarding the 5 topics below. 

Tree Canopy

Thank you for participating in the LPC Tree Workshop!