Planning & Development


The Planning and Development Division is responsible for overseeing local plans and ordinances related to land use and development. The Division’s primary activities inlcude:

  1. Providing long range planning support to City Council and many commissions,
  2. Coordinating the review of subdivision and site plan applications, and 
  3. Representing the City in numerous planning activities with partner agencies. 

The Planning and Development Division is also responsible for maintaining information systems that support operations in the City and for use by the public. These include GIS tools, mapping, and databases.

The Division maintains the City’s comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and other relevant ordinances. 

Comprehensive Plan

Zoning Ordinance & Map

Subdivision and Land Use Ordinance 



Information regarding development activity may be found here.  

Planning Commission

Information regarding the Planning Commission may be found here

GIS Resources

Online maps and GIS data are available at the following link. GIS Site

Planning Documents

City Reports

Other Reports