White’s Pond major subdivision

White’s Pond (Showfield Lewes)

Preliminary Consent - This application is for the development of an 86-lot single-family detached unit major subdivision that fronts Freeman Highway and Monroe Avenue.

APPLICATION STATUS – Preliminary consent approval for the proposed major subdivision has been granted by the City.  The City is awaiting submittal of final plans for review and consideration.    Please consult City website for meeting agenda information:

As of May 16, 2019 a revised Concept Plan for the proposed Showfield Lewes was submitted to the City for Preliminary Consent.

The original concept plan for the proposed Showfield Lewes was submitted for Preliminary Consent in December 2018.

Minor Subdivision

An application for a lot-line adjustment was filed by Showfield, LLC to the City of Lewes during May 2019.

Preliminary Consent Comments