Fishers Cove subdivision

APPLICATION STATUS – Preliminary consent review is underway, City Council remanded the review to the Planning Commission for further review.  The Applicants are preparing additional information that will be submitted to the City for future evaluation by the Planning Commission.

Please consult City Website for meeting agenda information:

Fishers Cove – Major subdivision Plan

Current Status

Plan review status – The image below illustrates the current review status. To review details please click the image and use the links to obtain additional information from meeting agendas and minutes.

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Preliminary Consent Report and Remand 

Applicant’s written responses (February 2020) to Lewes Planning Commission decision

Applicant’s written responses (December 2019) to Lewes Planning Commission decision

Preliminary Consent Review (March 29, 2019 Submittal)


Preliminary Consent (December 2018 Submittal)

Fishers Cove concept plans were submitted for preliminary consent in October 2018.  Plan revisions were submitted for preliminary consent review in December 2018, as follows (click to view)

Burke & Rutecki, LLC – Minor Subdivision Plan

Public Comments

Comments following January 2020 Council decision permitting additional comments until February 28, 2020.

Comments regarding Remand

 Comments regarding the remand may be submitted here