The City is excited to announce improvements are being made to the Roosevelt Inlet Parking Lot.  New additions include handicap parking space and access to the beach and an additional bike rack. Parking spaces will now be delineated to provide clarity of the use of the lot. 

Please be aware that the parking lot may be closed for certain time periods to allow for the work beginning next week and for a few days in May.  

Parking Meters are in effect beginning May 1 of each year.  The City of Lewes has two areas of metered parking: Downtown and Beaches.  There are several non-metered parking lots located throughout the City.  

Downtown Parking - Metered

  • $1.50 per hour
  • 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • 15 minute to 3 hr. maximum - check meter and signs for length of time allowed.
  • On street parking and parking lots
  • Handicap Parking spaces are metered
  • Meters in effect May 1 through Oct. 14

Beach Parking - Metered

  • $2.50 per hour
  • 9:00 am to 8:00 pm 
  • 11 hr. maximum 
  • Beach 1 and Beach 2 parking lots
  • Handicap Parking spaces are metered
  • Meters in effect May 1 through Sept. 30

Non-Metered Parking (Free)

  • Lot off of Schley Ave. (Franklin Ave. & Schley Ave.)*
  • Lot at Roosevelt Inlet (end of Cedar Ave at Inlet)
  • Beebe lot off Market St. and 4th St. - evenings and weekends only
  • Otis Smith Park Parking Lot  - all day parking*
  • Little League - July through March - all day
  • Trail Head at Library
    • * Electric Vehicle charging stations

Bicycle Parking

  • Located throughout the town and at the beach parking lots. 
    • There is a bike corral located at the corner of Savannah Rd. and Gills Neck Rd.
    •  Please see the parking map for additional bike parking locations within the city.  

Payment Options

  • Quarters (on street meters)
  • Credit Card - $0.50 additional fee per transaction & 2 hour minimum
  • Cash - metered lots only 
    • ($1 & $5 in downtown; $1 - $20 in beach lots)
    • Change Machine - Mary Vessels Park
    • No change provided
  • ParkMobile - $0.50 additional fee per transaction & 2 hour minimum 
    • Download the ParkMobile app here
    • To pay in person go to the Lewes Police Dept. at 111 Franklin Ave., Lewes DE
    • ParkMobile Tips & Demos
    • Pay by License plate

PArking Enforcement 

  • Parking Citations may be paid online here.  
  • Parking Supervisor - (302) 645-6264


Parking Map

  • Click on the item for additional information
  • Parking Map 
  • The map is for convenience and reference purposes only. You are required to follow the information shown on the parking signs and meters. Neither the City of Lewes nor its employees assume any legal responsibility for the information contained in the map.