Mitigation Planning Team


  • Andrew Williams, Chairperson/Mayor
  • Chatham Marsch, Coordinator/LPD
  • Austin Calaman, Lewes BPW
  • Steve Evans, Lewes Fire Department 
  • Charlie O'Donnell, City Engineer (GMB)
  • Marcy Jack, Beebe Healthcare
  • Joe Stormer, Resident Member
  • Danielle Swallow, Sea Grant/University of Delaware
  • Ellen Lorraine McCabe, Ex officio/Acting City Manager
  • John Robitaille Ex officio/Building Official
  • Rick Melendez, Ex officio/ Maintenance Dept.
  • Janelle Cornwell, Ex officio/Planner
  • Jackie Doherty, Recording Secretary


The Mitigation Planning Team meets quarterly.