The City of Lewes is a coastal community.  The City is impacted by multiple bodies of water and waterways (Delaware Bay, Lewes and Rehoboth Canal, and Canary Creek).  The City is impacted by nor'easters, and hurricanes and is experiencing more frequent and severe storms.  The City has a low elevation.  Lewes also experiences a lot of flooding (roadways, yards) from coastal winds and high tides. These items make the City susceptible to flooding. This webpage provides information on flooding.      

Flooding Basics

The Flooding Basics page will provide the following information. 

  • What is flooding?
  • Types of flooding
  • What are flood zones?
  • What types of flood zones are within the city?
  • What is base flood elevation?
  • What is freeboard?
  • What is Sea Level Rise? 

Homeowner - What can I do?

The Homeowner- What can I do? page will provide the following information.