Lewes Executive Committee on Resiliency

Executive Committee (Committee) members were appointed by the Mayor and Council on July 12, 2021 and represent a broad spectrum of stakeholders and organizations within Lewes. 

The LECR was charged with the following per the Town Council: 

  • The LECR will work with DNREC’s Resilient Community Partnership RCP and in collaboration with the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration (IPA) to help the City of Lewes further develop plans and preparation activities to address the challenges anticipated as a result of Sea Level Rise (SLR) and Climate Change. 
  • The focus of the LECR will be identifying strategies and actions that the city can undertake to balance the development of physical space while maintaining the natural environmental characteristics and a sustainable quality of life. 
  • It is anticipated that the LECR will provide recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding ways to ensure that city ordinances and regulations address the need to balance city growth with the challenges of the changing environment. 
  • The LECR discussions will focus on SLR and flooding issues as these issues impact the city. Beach parking issues, source water protection, possible establishment of public facilities and relocation of the WWTP will not be considered by the LECR.


  • Khalil Saliba
  • Tom Panetta
  • Rodney Robinson
  • Chris Carulli
  • Candace Vessella
  • Jim Baker
  • Keena Parsons
  • Marta Nammack
  • Joe Kelly
  • Frank Young
  • Ted Becker, Mayor/Ex Officio
  • Ann Marie Townshend, City Manager/Ex Officio
  • Janelle Cornwell, Planning & Development/Ex Officio

Final Report