July 4th ~ Route Changes

on July 4th, the route for lewes line Will Be modified and Service Will End at 7PM

Since there will be significant pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic within the downtown, Savannah Road, and Kings Highway areas of the City, Lewes Line will only provide transit service to the locations along Cape Henlopen Drive and Theodore C. Freeman Memorial Highway...see stops below.

Beginning at 9 AM on July 4th the Lewes Line will provide service to the following locations:
~ Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal
~ Johnnie Walker Beach
~ Savannah Beach
~ Lewes Trailhead
~ Cape Henlopen High School

Passengers using Lewes Line should refer to the information below which notes the approximate last pick-up/drop-off times for each stop:
~ 6:30 PM - Last pick-up and drop-off at Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal
~ 6:35 PM - Last pick-up and drop-off at Johnnie Walker Beach
~ 6:40 PM - Last pick-up and drop-off at Savannah Beach
~ 6:50 PM - Last pick-up and drop-off at Lewes Trailhead
~ 7:00 PM - Last drop-off at Cape Henlopen High School
While these times are approximate, it is important to remember the LEWES LINE transit service will not be transporting passengers to the other stops after leaving CAPE HENLOPEN HIGH SCHOOL at or around 7 PM since the Theodore C. Freeman Memorial Highway bridge will be shut down for the Go Fourth sponsored fireworks display.

On July 5th, Lewes Line will resume normal operations at 9 AM.