How many guests are allowed to stay in a Short-Term Rental?

"Maximum occupancy" means the maximum number of allowable occupants and the overnight guests of those occupants for a short-term rental, as established in Section §150-5 of the ordinance. The “Occupancy Limit” is based upon the number of bedrooms in the dwelling. The overnight occupancy of a residential rental shall not exceed the sum of two persons per bedroom plus an additional two persons. Children aged 12 and younger shall not be counted towards the overall number of occupants. A “Bedroom” is defined as a room or space designed to be used for sleeping purposes with two means of egress (one of which may be a window that meets egress requirements.) Spaces used for eating or cooking, bathrooms, toilet rooms, closets, halls, storage or utility rooms and similar uses are not considered Bedrooms. 

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22. How many guests are allowed to stay in a Short-Term Rental?
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