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Planning Office

  1. Daily Permit Cost Choice

    $20 or $30

  2. Parking Area Choice

    Prefer Zone or No-Zone Parking

  3. Parking Space Delineation Choice

    Bollards, Railroad Ties, Parking Bumpers, or Signs only.

  4. Permit Length Choice

    Daily, Weekly, Seasonal, multiple or all

  5. Seasonal Permit Cost Choice

    $100, $150 or $200

  1. Mailbox Type Choice

    Cluster or Conventional (Existing)

  2. Parking Permit Choice

    Hang Tag or License Plate

  3. Parking Space Identification Comments

    Beach Parking Online Public Workshop

  4. Seasonal Permit Availability

    Should the seasonal permit be available to the general public or City of Lewes Residents and Property Owners?

  5. Weekly Permit Cost Choice

    $50 or $75