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Tree Subcommittee Workshop - Education

  1. Instructions

    Please mark whether you agree, feel neutral or disagree with investing in the following solutions.  Please let us know if there are additional items for this topic.  

    What formats of education would you use? 

  2. Tree Talks - presentation by an expert with Q&A*
  3. Hands on Training*
  4. Handouts or website links*
  5. Which topic(s) are you interested in?

  6. How to select the right tree for your property - "Right Tree Right Place"*
  7. How to Plant a Tree*
  8. How to care for a tree*
  9. Past Education Opportunities

    Have you attended any city education programs in the past?

  10. April 2022 – planting 25 trees in GHP Smith Park*

    Tree Talk on how to plant trees by
    Urban & Community Forester Taryn
    Davidson (Delaware Forestry

  11. April 2019 at the Rollins Center*

    Tree Talk by Eric Wahl (Delaware
    Native Plant Society) on native trees
    and their benefits; by Mark Shaw
    (Bartlett Tree) on plant health care,
    insect disease issues and soil
    nutrition; and by Kathy Andrzejewski
    (Nature Connectz) on Horticulture
    Therapy- As Simple As A Walk In The

  12. April 2018 at the Rollins Center*

    Tree Talk by Dr. Neil Hendrickson of
    Bartlett Tree Research Lab and Mark
    Shaw, Arborist at Bartlett Tree
    Experts, followed by a tree planting in
    Stango Park with Dr. Hendrickson
    teaching how to plant.

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